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Meet Jennifer
Jennifer Singer, founder of the H.A.P.P.Y. Now Academy, is a passionate, Inspirational, Positive, Speaker, Author, Holistic Wellness Consultant. After 25 years as a Fitness Professional Jennifer is passionate about sharing her "HAPPY in a Heartbeat Now" message that goes soooooooo far beyond exercise. 

Jennifer is the Founder of the H.A.P.P.Y Now Formula and the H.A.P.P.Y Weight Formula. As a single Mom for 12 years she has discovered what works and what does not and how to thrive and not just survive in any situation. She has worked and lived abroad helping people learn to heal their bodies from the inside and out. Based on her own story and struggles with weight, pain and illness and of seeing her Mom live sick and in a lot of pain too Jennifer has a heart wide open that wants to heal and transform the world.
Life has an interesting way of taking us down certain paths.
I have discovered that certain people and places have made a big impact on why I do what I do. And that EVERYTHING happens for a reason...
Even though the journey has not been an easy one, it has been worth it. My hope having gone through such hardship is that I can shorten the journey for anyone else who has walked in similar shoes and lessen their pain and struggle.

Here is some of my story and what has lead me to why I do what I do...

I am grateful to say that I grew up in a good, loving and caring family. Although there is never ‘perfect’ there was still some things that I wish had been different. My mom was what was known as that so called “perfect mom”. She always made super yummy meals and desserts, kept an immaculately clean house, sewed our clothes and dance costumes, ironed everything and made cookies for us when we came home from after school. She never made us do chores (something I wish she would have) and always gave great hugs.

In doing all of that though my mom unfortunately was quite sick for much of her life and I remember seeing and being with her for many doctors appointments, tests etc. I found it extremely difficult, as I just wanted to make everything ok and make all of her pain go away. Instead I felt helpless. Absolutely helpless...

Despite all of her determination her body had so much medication (a shoebox full daily and unfortunately illness and disease overtook her body in which I knew the doctors were trying to help with the medication. In my mind now I think they just made it worse. At the young age of 49 her body had had enough and she made her transition to heaven.

This was only 6 months before my wedding. Luckily though my brother was able to carry her into the wedding dress store where I bought my dress so she was able to see me in that.

This as you can imagine was an extremely tough time for me and sooo much sadness, anger, hurt, fear and depression overcame me.

Thank goodness for my fitness. Having now spent the past 25 years as a fitness professional and instructor that definitely helped me through the tough times. It also helped me to “put on my happy face” despite all of the sadness and hardship that I was going through.

Years went on and my marriage was a rollercoaster ride.

Three years into in though my beautiful daughter, Jaimie was born. This was truly a magical moment and I still cannot believe that my body could do this - give birth naturally without drugs. After all I threw up when I got my ears pierced. However I did it - twice for that matter. As 3 years and 2 weeks after Jaimie was born, my handsome Isaac blessed me and this world with his presence.

Now I had two beautiful children, married, living in a beautiful home - had everything I could want - except what I know now was a lack of love and acceptance. I was not happy and during this time suffered severe post-partum depression. This definitely did not help my marriage that was already on the rocks. So when Isaac was 2 months old and Jaimie was 3 I found myself on my own and not a clue of what life had in store…

Back in 2007 I was introduced to home based business and the world of entrepreneurship opened my eyes to big possibilities… I felt many people did not understand, but that did not stop me. This began a whole new rollercoaster of ups and downs, successes and failures, and more failures than successes, but I have never looked back.

In 2010 I was introduced to Energy in a whole new way - an entire new world of healing that now changed EVERYTHING! This too was not understood by many around me, yet when I could wave my healing wand over someone and in as little as 2 minutes their pain would go away I knew I had something… I had found my Happy again! Many may had not noticed it was ever gone as I in general was a happy and positive person. At least that was the face that I was good at putting on in public. What many do not know is that when I would go into my room and close the door that the tears would pour down my face and into my pillow - sometimes for hours at a time. I never talked to anyone about it and medication was not an option - in my mind that is what killed my mom.

So I continued to wave my wand and because many did not understand it they thought I was crazy. And unfortunately I listened to them and not to my own intuition of I have something here. Instead of trusting how powerful I was I got scared of it. Until recently when with the help of many mentors and surrounding myself with people that could see the spark that could light the world. I know that I can own my greatness and in doing so assist others to own theirs too!

Since then I have worked and healed hundreds of people with my wand and other healing tools, medical devices and natural ways to heal the body for those who are really ready to move past their pain.

For me pain included a few things. Thinking back to when I was about 10 years old I saw this yellow sticky that my mom had posted on the fridge that said “132 Oink, oink, oink.” My lifelong struggle with weight all made sense and was not all on me. I had been on a weight roller coaster my whole life and never felt good enough. For the past many years in my entrepreneurial life, I also struggled as that little yellow sticky on the fridge was all I could see in my mind and since my weight was nowhere near that I never felt not ‘good enough’. Not good enough because I felt I was not “the perfect size” to make a bigger impact.

So I came to the realization that I am SICK and tired of having the scale control my Happiness.
Also, seeing and feeling judgement about me and my kids and society as a whole is all about judging one another in many ways. It was from that the H.A.P.P.Y Weight Formula was born...

After 12 years of tons of courses, books, webinars and non stop learning and personal growth and development, failed businesses, debt, successful businesses and the trials and tribulations of motherhood I am pleased to say that I am enough and as are you. Just the way you are. With TRUST, BELIEF, and a strong determination to NEVER give up, if I can do it I know you can too!
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